TP-link restoration Firmware

tp-link restoration firmwareBack to original Tp-Link firmware

Often people would love to try out one of the custom firmware’s out there, but sometimes aren’t satisfied with that and want to go back to the original manufacturers firmware for some reason.

However it is with the TP-link firmware directly from TP-link not always possible to do that directly and the image downloaded needs to be slightly altered.  Understandably for some it is hard to find the correct information on how to do it,  or how to execute the said instructions.

For people that don’t want all the hassle of modifying  the firmware themselves I created a convenient page where all the relevant TP-LINK images can be downloaded to restore the TP-Link firmware and remove the custom ones.

The page is located at: and is updated regularly.


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96 Comments to TP-link restoration Firmware

  • Ukki says:

    Hi! I flashed your stripped firmware to my 1043nd v1 from gargoyle web-interface. I can see tp-link green web-interface but i can not login because admin/admin is incorrect login/password. What is correct login/password? Thx.

  • FriedZombie says:

    The default username for the 1043nd is admin and the password as admin as well.

    Make sure that there is no capslock or password manager interfering.

    If all of the above is not the case, try to reset the router:
    * turn the router on and let it completely start up.
    * hold the reset button for at least 5 seconds with a pen, paper-clip or something similar.

    And the device should reset to tp-link factory default settings.

    Also you are the first with this issue, a lot of people have reflashed their 1043ndv1 with that bin file (I had it up for some time on the OpenWrt wiki).

    • Ukki says:

      Thank you. I think, the reason was kaspersky password protection. Under linux all is OK, i logged in successfully.

    • chris says:

      Hi, I have also just flashed your stripped firmware to my wr1043nd v1.8 and the TP-Link web access will not let me login with admin:admin ??!!

      I was using Gargoyle on this router for a long time and recently decided that I wanted to install DD-WRT, so back to stock and then flash ddwrt… but now I’m stuck not being able to login at the TP-Link web interface…. tried linux / chrome / firefox / reset / reboot etc. but admin:admin does not work!

      I used the firmware that you derived from: wr1043nv1_en_3_13_15_up_boot(140319).bin

      Can you advise further…?

      • chris says:

        Resolved my issue: last thing I tried, after many power cycles, was another linux laptop and initially got correct dhcp of while previously this router was giving me 192.168.1.x and serving up the web interface where the default admin:admin would not work! (I did previously try static IP but no luck until now) Thanks for the stripped firmwares…

  • betko says:

    I have the same problem, I cannot login in router. Admin doesnt work. I tried all usual combinations, but it doesnt work. Any idea?

  • betko says:

    I meneged to login with Linux, then I upgraded firmware (with Linux). But it still dosnt work with Windows. What the hell is wrong?

  • Andy says:

    Hi,can i install gargoyle on tplink w8690N v5?

  • Tom says:

    Worked like a charm for my Archer C7 v2. Thanks!

  • mestresan says:

    I need return firmware for Archer C9 v1 … Do you can created?

    • marco says:

      Same here, want to restore my Archer C9 to TP-Link default FW from DD-WRT which give me low 80211AC speeds

  • Daniel says:

    Hi FriedZombie, I´ll really appreciate if you could publish the stripped firmware for TP-Link Archer C9 v1. I´m using dd-wrt with WDR3600 and C9, the WDR3600 works very well with dd-wrt but in the C9 still there are some mayor problems.
    Thnaks in advance.


    • Josemi says:

      Hi FriedZombie, at first thanks for your great work. I’d be thanksful if you could publish the stripped firmware for TP-Link Archer C9

      Thanks a lot!

  • Marco says:


    Can the Archer-D9 restoration image also be used for the Archer C9. Only diffrernce is the ADSL function IMHO

  • Scottie says:

    No one with a back to stock firmware for archer c9 v1??

  • kuennek says:

    I need a revert File for my archer c9 .Pls make a file.can i use to revert the D9 file

  • ad5665 says:


    Thank you very much for the C5 firmware, works great.

    I tired setting up my own FTP server to Telnet it across but i had no luck. This is a far better way off getting it back to the original firmware.

    Thanks again.

  • Manuel says:

    Hello, I want use Drlrcontroller for may canon 7d mark II and I want to know if it is better stripped my tp link MR3040 before I flash the dslrcontroller custom firmware .

    If I stripped before I can see (and flash ) any custom or original firmwares?

    Thanks a lot for your Work

    • FriedZombie says:

      you are welcome,
      also you only need the stripped firmware to revert back to the tp-link firmware.

      if you want to flash custom firmware, you don’t have to use it.

  • Ste says:

    You sir, are an absolute lifesaver! Thanks so much, the Archer C7 firmware worked a treat when I was trying to remove OpenWRT!

    Thanks a million times

  • shiva says:

    please make a revert frimware for tp-link archer c9 router please as i need to go back from dd-wrt to tp-link stock frimware thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stackfire says:

    Hi FriedZombie!
    I have a TP-Link Wr740N v5 router,with DD-WRT installed.
    I have a problem reverting to stock:on the official website is no “back to stock” image for my router,and when I flash the stripped firmware made by you for my router,it does nothing.After “reverting”,the DD-WRT still remains,and I can’t get rid of it.It seems that your revert image doesn’t work for me:(
    Please help me!
    Also,I searched for the extra steps you said that DD-WRT users must do before reverting,but I found nothing.Could you please post a link to that page?
    Thanks a Lot!

  • sam-k says:

    Successfully restored my TP-Link MR3420v2 with your firmware (had been trying out Open-WRT) – many thanks after a lot of frustration!

  • Marque Aswad says:

    Hello, could you make tl-wa7210n v2 original firmware stripped version please? I have it v2 version that you have a v1 version…

    I didnt understand how to stripped firmware, i want to back original firmware…

    Best regards.

  • Penny says:

    Do you also have firmware to restore a TP-MR3040 router ? I know it is old but it would help me if you have an answer.

  • Paul says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for the stripped firmware. You saved my bacon.

  • Azhar says:

    Hi, I have the WDR3600 and successfully flashed with the appropriate stripped firmware.

    However, after logging in with admin, admin, and change the router’s LAN IP Address to the scope from the scope, I can’t log in.

    The router’s web interface will come up showing the login page, but it won’t accept the password ‘admin’

    I’ve tried everything.

    Any ideas as I really need it on the scope as I bride it to my modem on the scope.

    Kind regards,


  • khenry7200 says:

    Good morning, looks like your download links are malfunctioning. I tried to secure a copy of archer-c7-v2-stripped to do a restore. I tried on windows 7, windows 10, android, chrome os with no luck. Busy morning hahah. Could you please email me a copy?

    thanks in advance

  • real says:


    Do you have revert image for Archer C8?
    I have big problems with ddwrt 🙁

    Please help

  • Scott says:

    Thank you so much,
    Had a issue with the system restarting and needed to send it off for warranty, best we reset the firmware first 🙂 couldn’t do it till I found this, if only the Gargoyle functionality was in my nighthawk…

  • S1ash says:

    Hi, can you say how did you strip that?
    And did you tried to build fw from source to complite bin file?

  • jngeck says:


    great service. Can you please provide a striped firmware for the new TL-WR1043ND V3 ?

    Thanks in advance

  • jngeck says:

    Ok, with the necessary information it’s very easy.

    I downloaded the current FW for my TP-WR1043V3 from, the TP Link site, then:

    dd if=wr1043ndv3_en_3_16_9_up_boot\(150514\).bin of=wr1043ndv3_en_3_16_9_up_\(150514\).bin skip=257 bs=512

    cut of the first 257 x 512 Byte.

    257 is value for the WR1043 – other FWs may have other values

  • juan says:

    Wonderful service you have. I’m in need of revert file for a Tp-Link Archer C9-v1.


  • AMST says:


    I need stripped FW for RE580D repeater, FW link


  • Nate says:

    Hi hi thanks for the stripped firmware! Soo, i’ve done something dumb, which is to accidentally erase 512 bytes I shouldn’t have clobbered. I have TTL serial access to my WDR3600 (v1.5) and I’m wondering if there’s any way that you could help me out with a bit of bytes in the raw address range 9F7D0000 – 9F7D0200 (as seen from the tpl interface of the bootloader with the “erase” and “cp.b” commands). I’d be willing to try whatever is there for a WDR4300 since it’s almost identical – aside from harware for a third antenna. More info is at my plea for help at dd-wrt:

    Thank you for your time, thanks again for the stripped TP-Link firmware!

    — Nate

  • RadionHUN says:


    I succesfully reverted to stock my TP-Link Archer C5 v1.2 router from OpenWRT with your stripped image. But now, my problem is, I cannot do that again from the latest DDWRT.
    Everything looks fine during the process, however it takes too short time and in the end, ther is nothing changed.
    I already checked if the DDWRT is faulty, but I can downgrade and both update it, nad those processes took ~2min instead of 10-20sec. So the process should be fine.
    Could you help me with this problem, or it should be the DDWRT’s issue?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Timo says:

    Can someone post the TL-WR1043ND V3 stripped file for me?

  • tsaylor says:

    Another request, if possible: TL-WR810N (V1 US, although I imagine the EU version works too). I seem to have soft bricked mine while trying to get to OpenWRT. 🙁

  • TSmith says:

    Any chance you can help me find the extra steps required to revert from dd-wrt. I’ve tried many things and nothing works. My router is TP Link WDR-3500 and I have r30342 beta version of DD-WRT.

  • borneo says:


    any chance to make stripped firmware for TPLINK WR710N v2.1(EU) rom/ram 8/32MB
    TPLINK official firmware link here

    • Peter says:

      I did mail Zombie with my version of the 2.1 Stripped earlier in the year. Thanks to his notes I managed to strip the header with a HexEditor and restore my WR710EU V2.1

      I’ve put it here – though as you should never trust anyone on the internet I suggest you compare it with the V2.1 binaries from the Manufacturer to see I’ve stripped the header. I have used this twice to get back my WR710 as I was trying the WRT wifi repeater configs vs the repeater software built into v2.1. I have to say that the manufacturer software is better at repeating than WRT was.

  • Stu says:

    Hi Fred Zombie,

    any chance of a stripped firmware for the Archer C9 v2


  • Luca says:


    thanks a lot, it worked on my archer c7 v2.

    Just wondering…can I upgrade it using its own firmware from the Tp link internet site?
    Is it not a problem that this firmware is stripped and the next wont be?


  • frankie says:

    hi – i am stuck with the Archer C8 V1.0 on DD-WRT.
    is there a way i can revert back to original FW. please?

    i feel bad that it’s a very good router but i can’t use it.
    the root/admin access does not work even after multiple 30/30/30 tries.


  • Peter says:

    I have a WR841n v11 here, but your files stop with 841n v10

  • cmay says:

    Thank you very much for your work.
    There is a new~ish version of the WR710N: the V2.1.
    There is now firmware for that specific version from DD-WRT, OpenWRT and Gargoyle (from Poland).
    If you could be so kind, please add a stripped firmware for that version. The link can be found here:

    Thank you!

  • Todor says:

    What is the exact procedure you are using for removing boot loader ?

  • valcaro says:


    I bricked my TP Link Archer C8 v1 during firmware upgrade (stock to stock). Do you have the stripped firmware for this router?

    Can you post how to stripped the official firmware?


  • Michael says:

    I am also looking for the stripped file for Archer C9v1.

  • Martin says:

    Hi friedzombie,

    just a note to say thanks for all the help and support you offer to us folk out here – it’s much appreciated.

    A little question – I’ve put OpenWRT on my TL-WA850RE with the Luci web interface. I’d like to put Gargoyle on instead.

    Can I use the upgrade.bin file (from your Google Drive) or do I need to go back to standard firmware first and then use the factory.bin file?

    Thanks again,
    Seasons Greetings,

    • Martin says:


      I went ahead and thought the best route was to first restore the original firmware (stripped version) before putting Gargoyle on. I had a bit of a nightmare as my router went into a boot loop but I managed to get it to work somehow with the reset button and rebooting, then put your factory version of Gargoyle on and it’s all working nicely as a repeater as originally intended. In fact I’m not sure what’s so great over original firmware, but perhaps I just don’t understand.

      Anyway, now I wonder if I can upgrade Gargoyle (using sysupgrade file) to 1.8 (stable) from Gargoyle site – 1.6 is used in your image. Hope that makes sense.

      Seasons Greetings

  • Hicham says:

    please bro make a stripped firmware with this new firmware of tplink wdr3600 v1 :

    thanks in advance

  • Edward says:

    I need a TL-WR841N V11 firmware that can be restored directly in DD-WRT firmware please. I failed to make it after multiple retries of TFTPD restoring.

    Thank you very much!

  • Alpi says:

    Hello, I have a TP Link TD-W8960N Ver:1.6 wireless adsl modem. I flashed it with the appropriate opewn-wrt image, everything was ok but the wireless did not work. Now I need to revert to original stock firmware but in the tp link site there is a firmware with the extension of up. There is no bin file. Could you please help for finding the bin firmware for the proper model mentioned above? I got the information that Ver1.0 is the same hardware with Ver:1.6. Thanks by bow

  • mauro says:

    Hello, i put open-wrt on tp link td-w8968-v3, but it works badly and so I want to go back to the original firmware, I tried via the web, power and reset, ssh with the firmware in the tmp directory on the router, but in all cases and with all the OEM firmware including your changed me from unsupported format, I also tried it in safe mode, but you can not communicate with the router, perhaps because the wlan not working, only accepts fw open wRT, you can get an OEM firmware compatible (even provisional) to return to the original fw? , thank you .

  • Oz says:

    Hello sir, can you help me ? how to make stripped firmware ?
    my router is cpe220, in your website, my router not include in your list of stripped firmware. Please help me i want to revert my router to original from openwrt 🙂

  • daoskar says:

    Hello please add MR3420v3 firmware.

  • Mark says:

    Hi- I don’t suppose you have firmware for an Archer C9 v1? I loaded DD-WRT and it won’t detect my WAN for some reason. Thanks.

  • Carlos says:

    Thanks a lot!

    works fine in Archer C7

    Thanks so much!!

  • Zofion says:

    would you please make the stripped version of TP-LINK TL-WA7210N v2 from

    please please please

  • Eldo says:

    This is stripped .trx file for TL-WA7210N V2. It works for me. Give it try..

  • devil says:

    Hi… Need some help to get the firmware to restore back my TP Link Archer C5 v2 (UN) ….. accidentally updated the Archer C5 v2 but without the (UN) version and now SSID seems to have trouble and I can’t update the firm using (UN) version.

    Many thanks!

  • devil says:

    My apology … missed out the link earlier. Here’s the firmware for Archer C5 v2 (UN) version:

    Thanks again!

  • Javier says:

    A doubt and a request, if it can be.
    The question: Can I install Lede again after installing the original firmware (trimmed) from tplink?

    On the other hand, if you can I would appreciate you to make a firmware version for the CPE210, be careful, the link is for version 1.0 EU (US version is different).

    The firmware is this:

    Thank you for your great work.!!

  • Bob says:

    Any chance on a TP-Link Archer C9 stripped firmware image?

    Thanks in Advance,

  • kikan says:



    i did try to make this router work with klede projectm its working, but is not so good like stock…
    so i did try to remove 32 byte from firmware, but i did not success.

    So is possible to strip bootloader from this firmware, so it can be fleshed with lede gui luci?
    link of stock firmware, but wont flesh in Lede gui.

  • Shady Hazza says:

    If anyone has a v1 rom for TD-W8960N, that would be much appreciated. architecture changed at v4, so there’s no rom’s here for me

  • Slugg says:

    Also looking for Archer C9 v1 stripped firmware. Did anyone ever find out anything? I didn’t see as response from friedzombie to the many requests for it or maybe I missed it. Great work you’re doing here and thanks.

  • Mortis19 says:

    I’ve accidentaly upgraded my W8960N v7 toa v8 firmware and I can’t downgrade it. Could you please upload a v7 (or v8) stripped firmware.
    Thank you.

  • zajac says:

    Could you possibly add firmware for Archer C7 v4?

  • Ilanio Castro says:


    I found RE200 stripped firmware on your site. Can you tell me where to find a custom firmware to apply on it?

  • Ilanio Castro says:

    Can I apply stripped firmware over an original stock firmware (to bypass region lock) or this will brick my device, since the stripped firmware doesn’t have boot?

  • Tobias says:


    I’m looking for a stripped Firmware for the TL-WR940N(EU)V4. This is the FW from TP-Link:

    On your site is until now only stripped FW for TL-WR940N V1, V2 and V3 available.

  • lsy says:

    Hello,could you make a firmware of 841N V13?Thank you very much!

  • Pippo says:

    I tried to replicate the stock firmware of my TP link TD-W8968IT, via your fw stripped but I always load the web interface of the restore to the Boot.
    If I try the flash via the web interface tells me that the web image is illegal, while via ssh I load the firmware only through the option Sysupgrade -F, but on restart I always have the web interface of the firmware recovery.

    Please can someone help me?
    Thank you

  • JohnnyC says:

    Any possibility you would have a revert file for an Archer C8 router?

  • JR says:

    Hi, any chance you have this for the tplink archer c9 v1?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Laestig says:

    Will you publish a stripped firmware version for TL-WA901ND v5?


  • Rick S. says:


    This is a great site. Are you continuing to update this web site?

    I’m looking to go back to Archer C9 v3 factory, but I’m not able to due to this issue.

    Do you have instructions for us willing to dig in on our own, to remove the boot portion and just leave the firmware so we can revert back to factory?


  • Thomas says:


    could you (or anyone else) possibly provide a stripped FW for the WR-1043N v5 ?


  • rafsan says:

    Hi, can you please publish TL-WR740N-V6-striped

    I have tried all the web and cannot find Verson 6.

    Please help

  • Giovanni says:

    How to strip Archer C2 V.1 firmware ?

  • Miro says:

    How somebody a stripped firmware version for TL-WA901ND v4?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Mike says:

    I built stock webflash images for Archer C9 v1 and v3. The process I used is included in the README in case you don’t trust that these images are truly stock.

    “webflash” means you flash using the DD-WRT web UI. I don’t know whether tftp would work.

    I own only a v3, so I don’t know whether the v1 image works.

  • Paul says:


    I”ve looked everywhere for an Archer C7 v4 EU stripped firmware to recover my v4 EU router bit cannot find one. Is this something you could help me with? I notice that there are b1 and v2 versions on your website but the v4 is missing.

    I hope you can help.



  • Martin says:

    Good day. I’ve been running the TP-Link Archer C5 v2 router with OpenWRT firmware at OpenWrt 18.06.1. I would like to go back to the original firmware because external 5ghz antennas do not work. However, there is not a firmware version of the TP-Link Archcer C5v2 router on your page, could you please add it?

    I’m really desperate because I just bought this router for 5ghz external wifi. I do not have any experience with flashing routers and I do not know how to go back to the original firmware.

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