My first post

hello worldThis is my first blog post ever, don’t go too harsh on me 😉

Technical things have always been a passion of mine, at a very young age I always loved to take stuff apart and thinker with various things.I even started to pull things apart even before I could read! (oh well who reads instructions anyway).

The last few years I went trough a rather tough time. Well at least for me it was, also some stupid mistakes where made.

Enough about that, otherwise it would become just an other blog about someone being unhappy, instead I want to focus again on the positive things in life and share some of my ideas and knowledge with the world and give something back to the great Internet community in the process 🙂

The blog will be mostly about techie stuff from software to hardware, not just reviewing some products but sometimes even taking it apart completely and slightly modifying it. (or maybe in a big way, who knows).

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014 Random thoughts

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