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TP-link restoration Firmware

tp-link restoration firmwareBack to original Tp-Link firmware

Often people would love to try out one of the custom firmware’s out there, but sometimes aren’t satisfied with that and want to go back to the original manufacturers firmware for some reason.

However it is with the TP-link firmware directly from TP-link not always possible to do that directly and the image downloaded needs to be slightly altered.  Understandably for some it is hard to find the correct information on how to do it,  or how to execute the said instructions.

For people that don’t want all the hassle of modifying  the firmware themselves I created a convenient page where all the relevant TP-LINK images can be downloaded to restore the TP-Link firmware and remove the custom ones.

The page is located at: http://www.friedzombie.com/tplink-stripped-firmware/ and is updated regularly.


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Tunlr is no more

tunlr is no moreWhen I first stumbled across Tunlr two years ago, I was very happy that I finally could watch my favourite shows from the UK on Iplayer. I don’t really care for auto sports, but I’m an avid fan of Top Gear 🙂 . The BBC does generally have some great things to follow, I’m a sucker for the great British bake off and Doctor who as well 😛

Before that I used to have a VPN service and tunlr made it very tempting to just end my long standing relation with that VPN provider at the time. Also the VPN solution did never really cut it for me, just the constant buffering and things like that. Not that the VPN provider was to blame,  but for streaming and on demand services VPN isn’t the best solution in general.

All was fine and well, and I also started to watch series from the USA to. Elementary and Person of interest from CBS are great. and Marvels agents of shield from ABC.com is fun watching. But that was all over, this did mean I had to search for an alternative to tunlr and a VPN provider again was not going to cut it. Not even mentioning that I would need to have two of them. One for the USA things and an other one for the BBC stuff as well, glad there where by now a few more options to choose from. It was not going to be free, but hey they don’t cost the world either.

A few options for an alternative DNS unblockers came to mind, unblock-us, unlocator, adfreetime and a few more. After some careful deliberation, I settled for adfreetime.

At this point in time that I’m writing this, unlocator is still currently in beta and free because of it. But I did not choose them because I wanted service that I didn’t have to muck about with because it is in Beta, also the service will not stay free either of course it will be a paid service after the Beta as well of course and it will be $4.95 per month.

Unblock-us seems like a great service, with a lot of channels supported and a huge user base. And there PR seems great as well. The cost of this service is $4.99 per month.

The reason I chose adfreetime is very simple to be honest, for only $1.99 they are one of the cheaper per month services. But they do have the real benefit of having an ad-block feature as well for the same price. Now I can watch my favourite shows without commercial interruptions  on any device. Except for hulu.com but that is a completely different story. Hulu isn’t the best with keeping series on-line either. Often seasons are not sorted by episode number most of the time even complete episodes are missing from a season. So no big loss that hulu still has the ads, was not worth watching it anyway most of the time.

About the ads, don’t get me wrong I do understand that those network people also have to make a living. However do exaggerate it a bit in my opinion. I would even watch the ads on a video, was it not for the reason a show is interrupted every 5 minutes for some ads of stuff I never going to buy. And the worst part of the ads because they are so plentiful, I get the feeling the total runtime of the ads is longer then the actual show I am watching. So I would, say go adfreetime with your wonderful ad-blocking   abilities 😀


Short list of tunlr alternatives:



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My first post

hello worldThis is my first blog post ever, don’t go too harsh on me 😉

Technical things have always been a passion of mine, at a very young age I always loved to take stuff apart and thinker with various things.I even started to pull things apart even before I could read! (oh well who reads instructions anyway).

The last few years I went trough a rather tough time. Well at least for me it was, also some stupid mistakes where made.

Enough about that, otherwise it would become just an other blog about someone being unhappy, instead I want to focus again on the positive things in life and share some of my ideas and knowledge with the world and give something back to the great Internet community in the process 🙂

The blog will be mostly about techie stuff from software to hardware, not just reviewing some products but sometimes even taking it apart completely and slightly modifying it. (or maybe in a big way, who knows).

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